Contract intelligence solution built for modern corporate operations

Legartis harnesses the power of AI to help you make legal decisions up to 10 times faster.


Simply upload your NDA and let the magic happen

In seconds, our AI analyses your NDA and highlights the unacceptable and/or missing provisions to be changed in your contract. Learn More

90 %

cost saved when analysing contracts


Built simply for your team

Very few companies have instruments with which they can automatically review and analyse legal documents or quickly and reliably extract relevant data from them. Legartis provides a solution to do just that. Simply and quickly

Legartis works with its clients, providing AI based contract intelligence solutions that solve problems for law firms and corporate legal, procurement and finance departments.


85 %

time reduced when reviewing contracts


by design

Contracts are confidential and we know that. Maintaining cross-border security is a key concern of our customers. We make sure it is not.

Out of the box solution

Rapid implementation, saving our customers time from day one. From before signing as well as after signing your contract.

AI built for the legal industry

Our technology is built by industry professionals with customers at the front of mind. We have complete control of our technology, which means you do too.


Make your contracts work for you

Legartis offers the most secure suite of AI contract intelligence solution for legal, procurement and finance departments. Our products are built using AI and machine learning from the ground up.


Join our Legartis talent force

When we started Legartis, before we even named the company, we penned a set of values to act as our guide.

These values reflect who we hire, how we treat each other, and what we do everyday.

If these values reflect who you are, and if you are passionate about AI, machine learning and legaltech, get in touch!


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