Legal document analysis has never been this convenient and efficient.

  • 01 Classify your documents

  • 02 Find the relevant information

  • 03 Visualise the insights of your contracts

  • 04 Ensure compliance

01 Classify your documents

Get an overview of all of your contracts easily

Through automated categorization of all your document types like Excel, PDF, Word or E-Mail.

02 Find the relevant information

Avoid searching for the information, find it quickly

Find the hidden nuggets of business intelligence.

03 Visualise the insights of your contracts

Gain access to untapped business insights from your contracts

Through visualizing your contracts and thereby providing business intelligence insights.

04 Ensure compliance

Identify missing and non-compliant clauses before signing a contract

To ensure every contract is in line with your compliance policies.


Meet our solution

The right operational solution for your industry. For Lawyers made by Lawyers. Ready to analyse your legal documents.

A Technology with Amazing Features

  • Control document lifecycle conveniently

  • Reduce costs: 30-90% faster than manual review

  • Access up-to-date and accurate data anytime

  • Store data securely

  • Manage risk actively: 10% more accurate than manual review

  • Gain untapped business intelligence

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