Think legal, act digital

Our mission is simple: To be the prime legal tech company that brings legal documents to life and makes information in documents accessible and useful – for everyone in any language.

Legal AI requires a confederation of talent

From world-class product developers, business operations experts, design professionals and legal experts, we celebrate the breadth of perspectives, vision and expertise that are needed to build the leading legaltech AI solutions of tomorrow.

We believe that amazing things can be achieved by a unified, talented and prepared team. Our stengths are boosted by the unique traits of its members who build their careers on many different backgrounds and strongholds.

Multidisciplinary team-builders

Legartis’ leadership team is a proven dream team of innovative executives with legal, tech, AI and business management experience. With that said; all of our colleagues are full of ideas and our leaders are here to provide a platform where these ideas can flourish.

Our core values

Find the dragon(s)

We are given a lot of space to raise ideas and innovate, pushing each other to reach our full potential.

Make heroes

We make time to help each other and stretch beyond the boundaries of our roles.

All aboard

We debate, we challenge each other respectfully and once a decision is made, we all hop on the train.

Our awesome colleagues

Our passionate and hard-working colleagues unite to solve some of the toughest AI and machine learning problems in the legaltech industry. Everyone contributes and is part of the core foundation that defines Legartis.

“Our team is our main asset, and will always be”. David Alain Bloch, CEO @ Legartis

In Zurich, Switzerland or Lisbon, Portugal

Meet Legartis



A human centered marketing approach

Sofian - Growth Manager @Legartis


Connecting the legal and the tech world

Vivienne - Legal Product Specialist @Legartis


Make Legartis' software easy to use

Joao - FrontEnd Developer @ Legartis

Award winning team

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It’s the Legartis team that makes us special because of our diverse mix of talent and perspectives. Want to join us in Zurich or Lisbon?

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