Greater detail for the bigger picture

View accurate and verifiable data from contracts across business units and departments allowing you to eliminate up to 90% of cost arising from contracts.

Keep control with instant access to structured data

The Legartis Business Intelligence Solution gives you an accurate view of your company’s contract auto-renewals and expiry dates at once and in a single place. Making it quick and simple for you to stop redundant subscriptions and ensure those key services are still active. Giving you more control in less time.

React to and eliminate contract risk efficiently

Use the Legartis platform to optimise your workflow when searching for key contracts during due diligence on M&A transactions, allowing you to get the details quickly and accurately. No more scanning pages and pages of contracts looking for those clauses that really matter.

Quantify your contract data instantly

Legartis’ dashboard aggregates the key information in your contracts. Quantify contractual risks such as penalty clauses, liability caps and automatic renewals. Gain unparalleled insights that will improve your internal operations and the advice that you give to clients.

Transform your finance team

Legartis offers the most secure AI contract intelligence solution for finance departments. Our software is built using AI and machine learning from the ground up.

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