Better results for your client. And for you

The Legartis solution brings to you state of the art machine learning to increase the efficiency with which you solve your client’s legal challenges. Saving you time, and them money.

Get to the finer details faster

Legartis contract review quickly identifies harmful clauses and risks within a contract. Giving you more time and deeper insights.

Give sound advice during regulatory change.

Legartis Search gives you assurance when advising on necessary regulatory compliance. Guaranteeing that all clauses in need of adjustment are identified in a matter of seconds.

Quantify your contract data instantly

Legartis’ dashboard aggregates the key information in your contracts. Quantify contractual risks such as penalty clauses, liability caps and automatic renewals. Gain unparalleled insights that will improve your internal operations and the advice that you give to clients.

Transform your law firm

Legartis offers the most secure AI contract intelligence solution for law firms. Our software is built using AI and machine learning from the ground up.

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