More time for more value, served

Focus on those tasks where you can truly add value by eliminating repetitive tasks which consume up to 40% of your time.

Access a single source of legal know-how

Legartis brings your policies together in one central place, making them easy for anyone to access and enforce. No more wasting the day tracking down the right legal know-how. You’ve all got the right set of policies and everybody’s on the same page. Finally.

Ensure speedy and easy compliance

Legartis Search allows you to find, identify and extract all relevant clauses that need to be adjusted for your company to stay compliant with new regulations. Save up to 85% of your legal teams’ time spent checking compliance.

Generate value from your contracts

The Legartis contract intelligence dashboard provides complete visibility into your entire contract portfolio. View every contract from every department and gain a full overview over the number of your organizations’ contracts and the provisions they contain.

Use your contracts as sources of data to gain additional value and make Legal more than just a cost center.

Transform your legal team

Legartis offers the most secure AI contract intelligence solution for legal departments. Our software is built using AI and machine learning from the ground up.

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