Greater granularity for greater gains

Easily accessible data and information from new and existing contracts gives access to hidden insights, unlocking the full potential of your contracts.

Review supplier contracts quickly and consistently

Legartis makes legal policies easy to access and to use when dealing with supplier contract review. No more wasting the day tracking down the right legal know-how. You’ve all got the right toolbox to ensure that you can close the most favourable deal with your suppliers in no time.

Ensure supplier contract compliance

Combining Legartis’ dashboard and search functionality, gain previously untapped visibility into overall supplier performance on contracts. Understand and enforce third party contract compliance to ensure your business is getting the deal it agreed on.

Gain control with real-time visibility into your contracts

Legartis dashboard and notifications give you an accurate view of your company’s supplier contract auto-renewals and expiry dates at once and in a single place. Making it quick and simple for you to stop redundant subscriptions and ensure those key services are still active. Giving you more control in less time and eliminating undesired costs.

Transform your procurement team

Legartis offers the most secure AI contract intelligence solution for procurement departments. Our software is built using AI and machine learning from the ground up.

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