Our product

The Legartis solution harnesses the power of AI, machine learning and natural language processing to take contract review and analysis one step further.

How Legartis’ AI learns

The legal AI developed by Legartis understands contracts with the help of machine learning and natural language processing.

Our technology is built by an international research team and continuously optimized by legal experts.

With this internal process, we can ensure the highest quality outcome and quickly introduce new contract and clause types when requested by customers. Essentially it’s pre-trained and ready to use from day one.

Our product within the contract cycle

Policy Playbook
Contract Review
Super Search
Business Intelligence
Risk Management

Before signing

Missing clauses. Unknown policies. Contracts stuck in the pipeline. So much can go wrong when you need to review contracts in time. Our AI contract review application helps you solve these review challenges and lets you keep your business moving.

After signing

Whether you need to undergo an audit, regulatory update or simply search for a single contract, you need to anticipate and plan for your workflow. Our contract intelligence allows users to proactively manage legal documents and gain untapped business intelligence. Legartis makes it possible to ensure that the organization remains compliant and is able to mitigate risk.

Simply getting started with Legartis

Step 1

Identify a type set of documents that can benefit from an automated review process.

Step 2

Provide a set of legal documents and let Legartis automatically analyse your document data.

Step 3

Start using Legartis to review and analyse your legal documents quickly and efficiently with your team.

Built simply for your department

Very few companies have instruments with which they can automatically review, manage and analyse legal documents or quickly and reliably extract the relevant data from them. Legartis provides a tool to do just that. Simply and quickly

Legartis works across its clients’ divisions, providing AI based contract management solutions that solve problems for: law firms as well as legal, procurement and finance departments.

See how our solution works for your department or law firm:

Simple and seamless integration with your existing software

Legartis works seamlessly with the storage providers and document management solutions you use, allowing for a hassle-free integration. Contact us to find out more.

Security by design

Contracts are confidential and we know that. Maintaining cross-border security is a key concern of our customers. We make sure it isn’t. That is why we use ISO 27001 certified and FINMA RS 08/7 compliant providers exclusively.

Make your contracts work for you

Legartis offers the most secure AI contract intelligence solutions for legal, procurement and finance departments. Our software is built using AI and machine learning from the ground up.

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